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Orthoganthic Surgery

Orthognathic surgery is an operation to reposition the jaws. (Ortho means straighten, gnathia means jaw in Latin). The operation aims to correct imbalances between the upper and lower jaws.

It is not always possible to correct your teeth and acheive the bite using only orthodontics (braces). This is because the bones of your face and jaws, in which the teeth are positioned, may be out of balance with one another. (For example, you may have a larger lower jaw and a normal sized upper jaw).Orthognathic surgery is able to correct larger jaw discrepancies and improve both the bite of your teeth as well as your appearance by altering the shape of the face.

Why do I need Orthognathic Surgery?
  •   Do you have any difficulty in chewing or biting?.
  •  Dont you like your facial appearance from the front?.
  •  Dont you like your facial appearance from the side?.
  •  Do you have a protruding jaw or no chin?.
  •  Do you have an open bite?.