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Complete Dentures

It is a common procedure used in cosmetic dentistry. It is also known as bleaching of teeth. Staining of teeth occurs due to various reasons which include use of tea and coffee due to certain bacteria, use of tobacco, certain kinds of food and some medications like tetracycline.

Procedure for Bleaching of Teeth

Bleaching can be done either in-office or home bleaching.

Home Bleaching

In this a tray is used in which a whitening solution is placed. The tray is usually prepared after taking an impression of teeth. The tray is placed in the mouth for a few hours daily for few weeks or months as required.

This duration depends upon degree of discoloration and the strength of carbamide peroxide or the whitening agent used.

In-Office Bleaching

In this, the whitening agent is applied over the teeth by dentist and then special light and heat is used. Though it is more expensive than home bleaching the advantage is that results can be seen just after one treatment.

Bleaching is generally not indicated during pregnancy, or under the age of 16, in sensitive teeth or in patients allergic to peroxide. Also, the bleaching procedure does not whiten the tooth fillings. However, bleaching gives you a brighter and whiter smile which makes you more confident.